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 John & Tara Thielen

 Flyway Customs Founders


John Thielen is the founder of Flyway Customs and Master Call Turner. He grew up in a big hunting family, so when he was looking for a hobby, turning custom game calls seemed like a natural step.

After a period of trial and error, John found a style that he liked. He decided to turn his new found hobby into a business. Flyway Customs was born! Starting with duck calls and the hopes of evolving into a series of other game calls, the company is growing and the name becoming better known.

John is eager to touch on many different parts of the hunting experience and looks forward to expanding the company.

Kyle Sargent

Flyway Customs Chief Operations Officer



Ryan Hedberg

Flyway Customs Staff Manager

Pete Brockman

Flyway Customs Pro Staff Manager & Full Time Guide

Matt Brennan

Flyway Customs Pro Staff

Justin Joos

Flyway Customs Pro Staff


 Ryan Reed

 Flyway Customs Pro Staff

Tara Reed

Flyway Customs Pro Staff

Casey Gregor

Flyway Customs Pro Staff